Training Vacancies 2021-22

We are now recruiting again for training places for 2021-22.   Please contact for further information (01482 808807)

For more detailed information on all of these courses, please check out the Department for Education’s ‘Find Postgraduate Teacher Training’ website by clicking this link:  

Remember you need to know our provider code (1RU) and the relevant course code to be able apply to us via UCAS.   


Primary 5-11  29FS   Vacancies

Primary – Early Years 3-7 36M7   Vacancies


Art and Design 2PNL  Vacancies

Biology 29G7  Vacancies

Chemistry 29GB  Vacancies

Computing 29GC  Vacancies

Design &Technology  29FX  Vacancies

English 29FY  Vacancies

Geography 29FZ  Vacancies

History 29FT  Vacancies

Mathematics 29G2 Vacancies

Modern Languages (French) 2VLM  Vacancies

Modern Languages (Spanish) 2VLN  Vacancies

Music 29G5  Vacancies

Music + specialist instrumental tuition 3BHM  Vacancies

Physics 29G8 Vacancies

Physical Education 29FW  Vacancies

Religious Education 29G6 Vacancies

2 thoughts on “Training Vacancies 2021-22

  1. Hi Emma
    Thanks for your enquiry – sorry for the delay in replying. Can you call 01482 808807 to discuss this with our school direct administrator, Kerry Kirby? Thanks
    Jonathan Boden
    Hull SCITT (Secondary) Director


  2. Hi I’m wondering what qualification you need to get on the school direct training in primary schools please ?
    Thank you


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