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St Mary’s College is offering paid summer internships for university students currently studying for STEM / Computing / Languages degrees who wish to learn about teaching Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computing or Languages at secondary school level.

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Tel: 01482 808830 or 808807

Salary: £900 for 3 weeks
Dates: 19th June – 7th July 2023

With DFE support and funding, St Mary’s College is offering paid summer internships in Mathematics / Chemistry / Physics / Computing / Languages to students studying undergraduate or graduate degrees in any of these subjects (or related subjects) who are interested in learning more about secondary teaching as a career.

The internships are three weeks long, from 19th June to 7th July.  Applicants should make clear which subject(s) they are most interested in learning about teaching during their internship.  We would also welcome enquiries from undergraduates and graduates reading for other degrees who have A-level Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science (at least Grade B or above) and a genuine interest in a teaching career.

St Mary’s College is an established provider of these internships and has worked closely with the Department for Education for many years to provide a supportive and informative training experience for all successful applicants.

St Mary’s College is rated outstanding by Ofsted, ranked in the top 100 state schools nationally for pupil progress and designated with Teaching School, National Support School, International School,  and World Class School Status.  The college is a well-established centre of teacher training and works in formal partnership with The Marvell College and, together with the Catholic Primary schools in Hull, is part of St Cuthbert’s Multi-Academy Trust.

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You can read testimonials from previous interns below. 

An exciting month with valuable training

Interns with their course tutors

Your placement will provide many varied opportunities to experience the excitement and challenge of working in a busy and successful and Mathematics or Science department.

During your internship at St Mary’s College you will have the chance to learn alongside outstanding teachers and benefit from a structured training programme to prepare you to plan and teach your own lessons by the end of the placement.  Training seminars will be led by experienced teachers to help you learn from your experiences.

Q&A sessions with a range of school staff in different central or senior leadership positions will help you explore the different career paths that teaching can provide.  You will also receive training in teaching methodologies, maximising pupil progress and engagement, safeguarding and other professional responsibilities of teachers.

Read the testimonials below of some of the interns from June/July 2017 to see how they found the experience.

Memorable experiences

I have been always considering going into teaching at one point in my life, never did I think I would teach for 4 weeks at one of the best schools in the country. I always knew that teaching would be rewarding, but it isn’t until you witness your first breakthrough moment with a student finally understanding content they couldn’t understand, that you realise just how rewarding it is.

The team behind you at St Mary’s College are amazing in every way; in any way you need support it will be there and they will not let you crumble under the weight of the responsibilities you have just taken on. The organisation of the 4 weeks couldn’t have been better, you get a solid timetable with lessons, training sessions and meetings so you always know where you should be. The weeks are gone before you know it and then you find yourself in front of a class teaching them with confidence and enjoying every moment of it. If you are lucky enough to get a place on this internship, you will experience the most rewarding 4 weeks of your life that you will forget you are being paid for it.   Perry (Physics)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at St Mary’s College and it has been such a wonderful opportunity. Every day was full of all sorts of challenges – most of which I had not even predicted, but I enjoyed these. The support from all staff and mentors has been phenomenal; everyone made me feel so welcome into the school, and I felt comfortable to ask anyone for help and advice when I needed it. I am impressed with the level of organisation from Cicely and Holly and I am grateful for the time they have put into ensuring the programme ran smoothly. The Mathematics department did a fantastic job guiding me through each lesson and I appreciate their patience. I am excited to continue my journey through teaching and I hope to return to the school again soon.  Vene (Maths)

When I originally applied for the internship, I had never heard of School Direct and I didn’t realise what I was getting into, I was just looking for some summer work experience. Instead I found myself on an intensive and well-structured course, working at a brilliant school and learning from supportive staff. Training sessions were provided on a whole range of topics and weekly mentoring sessions helped me to make the most of my time at St Mary’s College. I’m glad my first secondary school teaching experience was in a school of such high quality and I’d thoroughly recommend it to everyone.  Sehaj (Physics / Maths)

The internship exceeded my expectations of what I thought was possible to achieve in 4 weeks. I went from sitting at the back of a classroom, with not much confidence and belief that I could stand in front of a class and teach, to teaching a full lesson and being involved in many smaller parts of teaching. I thoroughly believe this was only possible through the support and fantastic organisation from the staff at St Mary’s College. At no point in time did I feel unsupported or worried about how to approach a problem. Every member of staff was very friendly and I immediately felt part of the team as we were included in all the staff meetings and emails. As well as observing and teaching lessons, there were many training sessions from St Mary’s own team of ‘Excellent Teachers,’ who talked to us about many different aspects of teaching. This supported our learning and was a fantastic experience to get peoples’ insights from different subject areas.

I feel like I have gained many skills from the internship from presentation skills and organisation to becoming more professional and working in a team. I would highly recommend the internship at St Mary’s to anybody who is thinking about teaching as a future career, or simply has an interest and wants to get a taste of teaching. I have really enjoyed my time at St Mary’s and this internship has been an amazing experience. It has really opened my eyes to a career in teaching and I would love to continue my teaching career through a School Direct course at St Mary’s College.   Nathan (Physics)

Interns with their course tutors

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