Full academic year internships

Being a Graduate Intern has been the most wonderful year. I have learnt so much, worked very hard and been lucky enough to be able to see the results of the work we have put in to the students as they have grown a lot in their confidence both personally and academically. The difference in some of the students from September until their final summer exams is staggering and makes you feel so proud to have played even a small role in their development, which ultimately gets them ready for the pending scholarly challenge of university. Also, the department I have worked with (and many of the staff beyond them) have been nothing but welcoming and supportive, it has been a joy to work alongside such conscientious and thoughtful people.

As someone who is pursuing a career in teaching, I have found doing this job to be the perfect springboard. This year, I have experienced working in education full time and played my part in supporting young people pastorally as well as with their studies. Starting off by being a Graduate Intern has allowed me to appreciate all areas of support that a school or college is able to provide as well as network with many other people who currently work in education. Overall, this job role has been incredibly varied and I have been offered insight to so many different aspects of working in a school environment: exams, safeguarding, personal tutoring, recruitment, careers services, higher education applications, extra-curricular provision and so much more. As for my next steps of becoming a trainee teacher, I can definitely say that this year has given me the confidence to do it and prepared me for my next steps.